Mine Exploration at Alston Adventure Training Centre

Photo of Tyne Bottom mine entrance Alston Adventure Training Centre is ideally located for Mine Exploration, close to a number of mines.

Local Mines

The most popular of the local mines is Tyne Bottom in Garrigill, a safe system with an extensive network of tunnels

Tyne Bottom retains many a legacy of its past, with old rail tracks, timber supports and shafts all remaining to provide a fascinating glimpse of local history.

Smallcleugh Mine is another local mine, started in about 1770, with a rich local heritage. Well known for its dry stone arches, Smallcleugh was mined by the London Lead Company who did a great deal to support the local miners and their families.


At the centre safety is always first and foremost in our minds. Every group is accompanied by at least two instructors who know the system well, have first aid certificates and are trained to deal with an emergency.

Our leaders hold the Local Mine Leader Qualification and are assisted by a second experienced member of staff.

Before a visit the instructor briefs the group, explaining the conditions underground and making them aware of safety procedures.

Each participant is kitted out in wellies, over trousers and jacket and most important of all a miner's hat and head torch. The instructor carries spares for the lights, a first aid kit and candles.