Gorge Walking at Alston Adventure Training Centre

Gorge Walking

Waterfalls cascade down the gyll at Ashgill creating a thrilling scramble along the river bed with plunges, slides and leaps into rock pools beneath the falls. Set in an attractive tree lined gorge the activity is both exciting and invigorating.

Photo of Gorge Walk at Alston Adventure Centre We are lucky to have one of the best venues in the country for this activity and it is one that our groups never forget! Dressed safely for action in waterproofs, buoyancy aids and a helmet, participants start their decent from the very top of the gorge, here they clamber onto a rock ledge behind the impressive Ashgill Force. From 15 meters above the waterfall plunges into the gorge below. The group then scramble along the river bed towards the Big Drop’, a leap of 3 meters into the deep rock pool below.

Our instructors carefully guide participants throughout, ensuring their safety – and making sure no-one gets too cold, before leading them back up the gorge to the minibus for the short drive back to High Plains and a refreshing hot shower.